Airtight construction

Controlled ventilation

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TESTED AND CERTIFIED HBS-200 = 100% airtight

Our HBS products are not only suitable for airtight construction, but also for waterproof construction.

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HBS-200® standards

European standard for the determination of air permeability of fully assembled windows and doors of any material, by submission to positive or negative test pressures. 

Thermal properties of buildings - Air permeability of building components and building elements - Laboratory test method.

Sealing sheets - bitumen, plastic and elastomeric sheets for roof sealing. This is an artificial ageing method with a combined continuous stress though UV-radiation, increased temperature and water. HBS-200® Liquid Rubber offers long-lasting quality: resistant to ageing for at least 20 years.

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HBS-200® Liquid Rubber

Universal, durable, waterproof, airtight and protective coating.

HBS-200® Rubber Tix

Universal, thixotropic, durable, waterproof, airtight and protective coating.

HBS-200® Tape

Universal, elastic, instantly water- and airtight tape for (emergency) repairs

Gun PU-Foam

Fast curing polyurethane foam


Professional and permanently elastic single-component gun foam

HBS-200® GeoTextile

Elastic cloth for use in combination with HBS-200® Liquid Rubber.
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