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Universal cleaning and degreasing agent for metal


Cleaner for cleaning and degreasing surfaces to be bonded

Sanitary Cleaner

Extremely powerful, concentrated sanitary spray for easy cleaning


Extremely powerful, concentrated foam spray for easy limescale removal

Glue Remover

Very efficient and effective against glue and sticker residues


Extremely powerful, concentrated degreasing spray

Stex® Liquid

Professional liquid drain cleaner

Stex® Granules

Fast and effective unblocker granulate

Liquid Unblocker

Very powerful and effective for removing blockages

Duo Unblocker

Extremely powerful and effective 2-component drain-clearing agent


Cleaner for (rigid) PVC, PVC-C and ABS

PE Cleaner Heavy Duty

Cleaner for PE, PP, PVDF and PB

Cleaner Cloth

Absorbent, lint-free cloth

Hand Cleaner

Professional hand cleaning cream with scrub

Scrub Wipes

Multifunctional, professional cleaning wipes with scrub

Mildew Remover®

Mildew Remover® with active foam formula

Green Dirt Remover

Very powerful concentrate for removal and prevention of green deposits
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