Cleaner NL/FR/EN/DE

Tin with Cap 1 L

Cleansing agent for (rigid) PVC, PVC-C and ABS.

Cleaner NL/FR/EN/DE



  • Universal
  • Very powerful cleaning properties
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Suitable for:

For cleaning and degreasing piping, sleeves and fittings made of (rigid) PVC, PVC-C and ABS. Also suitable for removing uncured adhesive residue and for cleaning brushes and tools. Use in combination with the Griffon Cleaner Cloth.

Not suitable for:

the dilution of PVC, PVC-C and ABS cement.

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During use:

Directions for use

1. Apply cleaner to a Griffon Cleaner Cloth. 2. Clean and degrease surfaces. 3. Remove any condensation with a clean cloth and allow surfaces to dry properly. Properly close the container immediately after use.

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